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PENNSYLVANIA KNOWINGLY UNDERFUNDS POOR, MINORITY SCHOOL DISTRICTS BY MILLIONS Harrisburg School District is underfunded by $31.77 million  Every Year in Basic and Special Education Funding JOIN US FOR A MEETING TO STOP AND FIX THIS! #CIVILFUNDINGWAR Thursday, March 1, 2018 9:30 Registration and Coffee 10:00 Meeting Saint Paul's Episcopal Church 238 Seneca Street, Harrisburg, PA RSVP on EventBrite here. For more information contact Shelly Lipscomb Echeverria at Shelly@SupportEquityFirst.org or 717.623.0909. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Civil Funding War

Civil Funding War $700 Billion Economy and $160 Billion a Year in Government Funding  BUT Pennsylvania Still Knowingly-Underfunds its Poorest Boys and Girls “It’s Going to Take a Non-Violent Civil Funding War to Fix This” (Harrisburg, PA) – This situation is terribly wrong and it’s time to fix it.  For decades Pennsylvania has purposely and knowingly-underfunded our most vulnerable children in mostly minority school districts in broad daylight.   Despite wide-knowledge of this situation, the last three (3) state budgets have done little to fix this.  Worse, the Governor and General Assembly knowingly-underfund our poorest ...

Racist Zip Codes

Citizens for Fair School Funding #EquityFirst Media Contact: Equity First Info@SupportEquityFirst.org | @EquityFirstOrg FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 2, 2018 Racist Zip Codes  13 Pennsylvania School Districts Receive Less Than 50% of their Recommended Level of Basic Education Funding  while 99 School Districts Receive TWICE their Recommended Level of Basic Education Funding (Harrisburg, PA) – January 2, 2018 – For 2018, we wish the NFL Steelers and Eagles would take a knee to end racial discrimination in Basic and Special Education Funding in Pennsylvania School Districts. Several studies recognize Pennsylvania’s distribution of ...