Pottstown at the center of fair education funding fight

By Evan Brandt, The Mercury

POTTSTOWN >> Ground Zero in the fight for fair education funding this week has been 750 N. Washington St.

That’s the address of Pottstown High School and the place where the action has been in the last 24 hours.

First there was the special Superintendent’s Forum Tuesday night that featured the provocative question — “Why Are My Taxes So High?”

The next morning the school was the Montgomery County location for a series of statewide press conferences calling attention to Pennsylvania’s rank as the worst in the nation for the gap between funding for rich and poor schools.

For better or worse, Pottstown is in the thick of it.

“We know public education is under attack and we know we have to fight back,” explained Pottstown School Board member Ron Williams.

As budget season enters its final cycle — with school districts submitting plans for spending millions in public dollars that must be adopted by June 1 and Harrisburg facing the same deadline and some increasingly difficult choices — the pressure is mounting on all sides.

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